Stewart Athletic Performance

Block Programming

This service offers a number of programmes for sale, focused on general physical attributes. It is formatted in an excel spreadsheet, with dropdown options to choose which exercise variations you wish to use during your programme.  

The programme’s are designed for those looking for a high quality programme, without the commitment of working 1-1 with a coach. These programmes are not individually tailored to any specific sport and should not be viewed as such. Currently, I do not offer block programmes for sale which are specific to a sport or activity. If you do wish for this, then I am happy to do so via 1-1 online coaching.

These programmes are for people who want to improve general qualities such as strength, muscle mass etc. More details about the specific programmes can be found on their descriptors. Due to the digital nature of these programmes, they are a 1 time purchase which are non-refundable. 

Check out the link below to purchase your first program thank you for your time.

Stewart Athletic Performance