Stewart Athletic Performance

1-1 Online Coaching

This is the primary service offered by Stewart Athletic Development. It is designed entirely with you in mind. The programme is unique to you and will tailored to:

The service works on a monthly basis and is presented on an excel spreadsheet and shared via google drive. The spreadsheet will have everything you need, based off your needs and goals. This will include your training programme for the month, alongside any other coaching services you require / desire (Nutrition / Body composition tracker, habit tracker, sleep tracker etc). The programme itself will come with a full explanation of technical jargon, and anything else that requires understanding for the process.

With online coaching, you will check in after each training session via WhatsApp, where you will send over training footage on specific exercises for me to analyse and implement coaching on. You have the option to notify me on “off” days from training, if you feel there is something particularly noteworthy you wish to mention or ask. There will also be a monthly 1-1 video call check in. The 1-1 call will be to discuss both the previous and also the upcoming training block, as well as any other questions or points you have.

Monthly Pricing

Ready to get started? This is an all inclusive package providing a high quality client experience delivering great results.


Stewart Athletic Performance